Black Nail Designs

Black nail designs are certainly a fashion trend that has come of age, now more than ever. The origins of the black nail are not really recorded, but it is thought to have been the cicada. Black spots appear on the skin under cicadas and then white spots appear underneath these spots. This is the earliest known association between nail designs and insects. Similar to cicadas, people with dark nail color are called “bug” in Japan. Another name for this nails trend is “you’re alive.”

Nail designs can be worn with any color of nail. Dark colors tend to accent the other color of the nail. For example, black nail designs can be worn with light colored nails. However, blue or green nail colors are out of the question. This color combination usually requires more work to get it right. White or cream nail colors may look great with light nail designs.

With any nail design, it is important to consider the position of the nail. A black nail design may look fine if you wear it on your pinky finger, but if you want to wear it on your link, you will have to place the nail the wrong way around. For example, you can wear a dark nail design over your middle finger, but it may look silly if it was placed on your ring finger. Many people with darker nails also have nail bed problems. In such cases, you may want to look into buying some cream and flat nails to avoid having your nails damage your skin. Nail designs can be good for both fashion and health.

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