Beautiful Brown To Blonde Hair

One of the most common types of hair color available in the market is blonde. It is not uncommon to find a lot of models with this hair color. Many models prefer this hair color for the obvious reason that it is easy to maintain and can even look good in the summer as well. However, there are also some instances when blonde hair is not always the best choice. If your hair is dark, then you might not be suited to blonde hair. If you are a brown haired person, then you might prefer blonde. However, these are all situations where blond hair is definitely the better choice than blonde.
While blonde hair is very much in fashion, it is not actually that healthy. As we know, blonde hair tends to contain more oil and has a tendency to become split if it is not brushed regularly. This results in damaging hair. On the other hand, brown hair is known to have a natural pH level, which is really low and so brushing it every day is the recommended treatment. One problem with blonde hair is that it often requires styling to make it look glossy and shine.
Blonde has been in fashion for a long time but lately the new trend has been on brown. It is believed that blonde is not so suitable for brown people. Some even claim that it is even unhealthy for brown hair. Therefore, you must select the one that best suits your skin color and hair type.

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