Asymmetrical Bob Haircuts

There are two asymmetrical bob haircuts for men. These two can be a basic cut, and a spiked cut. There are variations between the two. A basic bob is one with a longer length at the top of the head, than the shorter hair on the sides. The top is straight and the sides are curly. The side curls can vary in width, so the hair can be swept back to the sides or swept forward, depending on what looks best.
A popular asymmetrical bob haircut is the spiked cut. In the spiked haircut, the cut goes up to the neck. The hair then curls around the crown of the head, forming a spike shape. The upper part of the hair is shorter, and the sides and bottom are long. A few styles use braids to create the spikes.
Even if you have long hair, this style can work well with short hair as well. It’s a bold style that can really show off your jaw line. They are very easy to style and can be very trendy in today’s era. If you’re looking for a new look for your hair, try an asymmetrical bob haircut. They’re quite good.

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